Top Gold Buyers

As gold rate is high everyone is looking for top gold buyers to sell their gold.

For selling your Gold it is important to find top gold buyers present in your city. like if you are looking to sell your gold in Bangalore, you will look for top gold buyers in Bangalore. If you are looking for top gold buyers in Chennai, you will look for top gold buyers in Chennai and so on. 

Everyone knows only the top gold buyers can give them best price for their gold.

As gold, silver and Diamond are always a better investment for good return, people sell their old or pledged gold to top gold buyers. Many companies give loan on gold deposit.

Important Quality  Top Gold Buyers must have

Must have certification

Top gold buyers always work with ethics. They took all the certification to do this business. Including all the certifications they also carry SSL certification to buy gold online. Whenever you visit branch of any gold buyer, ask for their certification. If it is one of the top gold buyers they will show you their certificates for sure.

Gold Rate

Everyone like to sell gold at maximum possible price. Top gold buyers always buy your gold at live market price according to gold purity.

Purity Check

Top gold buyers use best technology possible to check your gold purity. They always keep in mind that the procedure of gold purity checking is transparent. like XRF technology from Germany.

Home Service

If any gold buying company is claiming that it is top gold buyer then it must provide home service to buy your gold. In this process one of the experienced executive will come to your home, he will check your gold purity and give you instant cash on spot at your home.

BENAKA GOLD COMPANY is one of the leading top gold buyers in India. It has many branches all across India. Benaka Gold hold all the certification required for doing gold business. It has SSL certificate too for online gold buying.

Benaka Gold believe in doing business in safe and transparent manner. They check your gold purity, using XRF technology. Benefit of using this technology is, there is no need to touch gold while checking its purity.

Benaka Gold is only company in the market which provide home service for buying your gold and give you instant cash at live market price.

benaka gold contact number

How to check value of your gold

Before selling your gold to top gold buyers, you must check your gold value. Once to know the approximate value of your gold you can bargain for your gold in wish manner.

check your gold rate

Procedure You have to follow at Benaka Gold

  • If you have gold to sell then call Benaka Gold or visit our nearest branch.

benaka gold branch

  • Once you talk to our executive they will ask you to submit your address proof and documents related to your gold. You can send all these documents through what’s app or you can mail us too.
  • Once our executive will check your document they will offer you an amount for your gold.
  • Benaka Gold as a top gold buyer ready to pay you in any mode.

Benaka Gold believes in less paper work and more customer service.benaka gold contact number

Release Pledged Gold through Top Gold Buyers

Top gold buyers also provide a special service in which they help people to release their gold from gold loan company, jewelers or any individual. If you have pledged any gold for instant cash and now you are getting problem in returning interest amount. They will auction your gold and get their money from that auction.  

No gold loan company provides more than 70% of your gold value. so, if you will not pay the loan amount, you will lose 30% directly.

Benaka Gold as one of the top gold buyers helps its customers in releasing their pledged gold. 

Procedure to release pledged gold

  • Call Benaka Gold or visit to its nearest branch.
  • Send all the gold related document including your gold pledged document.
  • Once our executive will verify those document. They will come with you to the gold loan company or jewelers and pay the loan amount on your behalf.
  • After releasing your gold we will offer you the best price to sell your gold.
  • Once you accept, we will give you the rest amount after deducting the loan amount. 

Why to choose Benaka Gold, The top gold buyer

Business model of Benaka Gold is not to squeeze common people for profit. We believe in serving people, Benaka Gold value you and your valuables.

We believe in fulfilling every one’s future needs. As one of the top gold buyers, Benaka Gold pays maximum instant cash for at live market rate.  

Ganesh Chaturthi:

As Ganesa festival is coming Benaka Gold is offering a special offer to its customer. We are providing cash benefit up to 100% to 200 lucky customers. Please visit Benaka Gold Company and sell your gold at live market rate.

Ganesh Chaturthi offer


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