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Then first you need to understand, how every day’s gold rate change in Bangalore.

How Gold Rate in Bangalore works:

Gold market calculate today gold rate in Bangalore today gold rate(14/12/21) in Bangalore per gram is 4967 rupees, per ounce it is 140,811.9665 rupees and per kilo 4,967,000 rupees for 24 karat gold.

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Gold is a precious metal and dearest for investors. As it is comes under commodity, rate of gold changes on everyday basis in Bangalore or even in India. If you want to sell your gold, check today’s gold rate using the link given above:

current gold rate in bangalore

*You can check your today gold rate in Bangalore in any percentage of purity


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Pure 24 karat gold features deep yellow color and it is too soft to make any jewelry. There is no alloy in 24 karat gold. You can buy 24karat gold in the form of gold coin and bullion gold form for investment purpose. Gold rate of 24 karat gold is highest in all purity category.

Gold coins and gold bars are come under bullion gold. 22karat, 18karat, 14karat and 10karat gold use to make gold jewelry. Even though these are not the purest form yet you can sell your gold with this purity. You can easily get the today gold rate in Bangalore for your gold according to the purity.

Know about Today Gold Rate in India

India is the largest consumer and 5th largest importer of gold in the world. It accounts for almost a quarter of the world’s total consumption. China, India and other countries have been using gold and gold jewelry as an investment since ancient times. It is one of the favorite investments for common people and traders who are in the commodity trading business.

Traders use to invest in gold bullion(gold bars and gold coins together come under gold bullion). So for everyone who are interested in buying gold, gold rate is an important entity.

Investing in gold is like a safe haven, you can invest even when the economy of a country is not at good pace.

Today Gold rate in Bangalore is different from yesterday’s due to the multiple factors. There are different factors that affect or can affect today gold rate in Bangalore, like demand, supply and other global factors. Currency fluctuations is the most critical factor in changing the today’s gold rate in Bangalore.

 Gold Rate History

Monthly Gold rate Lowest Price(24 Karat)  – ₹ Per 10 Grams Highest Price(24 Karat)– ₹ Per 10 Grams
July 2021 47,920 51,710
June 2021 47,710 52,650
May 2021 47,000 51,000
April 2021 40,420 50,860
March 2021 45,390 49,310
February 2021 49,270 52,320
January 2021 49,580 54,710
December 2020 48,600 53,730
November 2020 51,450 55,250
October 2020 52,570 54,340
September 2020 51,030 54,990
August 2020 53,460 59,300
July 2020 48,110 53,010
June 2020 46,220 48,460
May 2020 44,760 47,920
April 2020 42,530 48,260
March 2020 41,110 45,360
February 2020 41,160 43,940
January 2020 39,950 42,110

As you can see the trend, Gold rate is rising every month in Bangalore. If you have already invested in gold in any form or purity. This is the best time to sell your gold to get maximum cash benefit.

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current gold rate in Bangalore


Reason for which gold rate is increasing in Bangalore.

The factors impacting gold rates in Bangalore are mentioned below.

  • Demand and supply

    It is natural that whenever demand increase and supply is lesser than demand then rate of gold increases in Bangalore. Gold is a natural resource and of course it is available in limited quantities. Each time the supply reduces, there is an increase in today gold rate in Bangalore suddenly.

  • International relations

    As India is one of the largest consumer of the Gold in the world and India has very less production of gold. India’s demand can only be fulfilled by the international market. Any change in international relations could change the today gold rate in any moment in Bangalore.

  • US dollar

    The US dollar plays an important role in determining international gold rates. If dollar become stronger then today gold rate will increase in Bangalore. Similarly, If dollar became weak against rupee then today gold rate will decreases in Bangalore.

  • Market conditions

    Gold is inversely proportional to market performance, rate of the gold Bangalore will increase if there is a downfall in the market.

  • Government taxes and duties

    Central government imposes taxes and import duty on number of commodities, including gold. Any increase in these taxes can automatically increases the today gold rates in Bangalore.

Types of purity in gold

Today Gold rate whether in Bangalore or in any other city of India is always measure keeping weight and purity of the gold in loop. It is always purchased by weight and purity. purity of the gold is defined in terms of karat. Gold is available in different purities. Popularly it comes in 24 karat, 22 karat and 18 karat. 24k gold is used extensively as an investment, 22k and 18k gold use in making jewelry.

22 karat gold is a mixture of gold and other metal, in that mixture, 22 part is gold and rest 2 part is alloy. This essentially means that 1 gram of 22 karat gold has around 91.67% pure gold, with other metals making up the remaining portion. These impurities are added to pure gold to make it stronger.

Similarly, in 18 karat gold 18 part is pure gold and rest are impurity. That makes it cheaper than 22k and 24k gold.18 karat gold typically has a dull color that makes it easily recognizable.

Other gold options include 14 karat gold (which has 58% gold), 10 karat gold (with 42% gold) and 6 karat gold (with 25% gold).

Which is the best investment option: Physical Gold, Gold ETFs, or Sovereign Gold Bonds?

In this section, we will compare all the three investment options and determine which is better:

Factors Physical Gold Gold ETFs Sovereign Gold Bonds
Liquidity Offers high liquidity. It can be invested or sell out any time an individual wants to. ETFs also offers highly liquidity option. It can be traded on the stock exchange and can be liquidated during a trading session but the cost of selling is quite less as compared to physical gold. Can be bought from local banks and trade exchanges. Again, the rate of selling is quite less as compared to physical gold.
Safety Highly vulnerable to theft and burglary. Very safe as it is stored in a dematerialized form in a DEMAT account. Again, SGBs are kept in a DEMAT account and offers optimum safety.
Loan facility Easily available. Loans can be availed against gold ETFs. Not available
Investment flexibility you can invested in short time frame. Bought in shorter quantities and requires less maintenance. Bought in shorter quantities and requires less maintenance.
Tax Liability All three opportunity are taxed in a similar tax slab. To start an investment that is kept for more than three years is considered a long term holding and is eligible for Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) tax, which currently at 20% after indexation. If they are held for less than 3 years, they are considered a short term holding and is taxed based on the individual’s tax slab. Sovereign Gold Bonds offers one advantage on the tax front, where the gain is exempted from tax. It is applicable only if the investment is redeemed after the maturity period.


Taxes on Gold in India

Gold as a commodity attracts taxation in India. Rate of taxation depends on what it is used for.

Tax on Purchase of Gold

Most of the gold in India is imported from other country and subjected to customs duty. Government charges 10% custom duty on that gold. In addition to that charge, they add 5% processing charge.

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