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sell gold online

Sell Gold Online

Whether gold is in physical foam or digital foam it is always a better option for investment. When gold price is high, people sell gold online or offline by reaching at online gold buyer’s branch. It is Just an another way through which you can earn wealth. Price of gold has been constantly rising since a very long time. Investing in gold will definitely help you grow your asset.

Once you invested, it is easy to sell it online, you will get best gold buyer to sell gold online.

You can sell gold online for cash with the help of BENAKA GOLD COMPANY:

Benaka Gold is the best online gold buyer in India. It has branches all across India where you can visit and sell your gold. You can contact Benaka Gold at online platform or can visit to its nearest branch. It is the only company where you will get instant cash at live market price by selling your gold online.


sell gold online




So sell gold online at Benaka Gold to get instant cash at live market price. It is the only company in whole online gold buying market which provides live market price for selling gold online or offline.

Before selling gold online you need to understand how gold rate work

Gold market calculate gold rate according to gold weight. It can be in grams, ounce or kilos. You are very familiar with gram and kilo as we use it in our day to day life but ounce might be new for you. In one ounce there is 28.3495 grams. Like today gold rate(25/08/21) per gram is 4893 rupees, per ounce it is 138714.1035 and per kilo 4893 rupees for 24 karat gold(that is purest foam of gold).

Gold is a precious metal and has been dearest since history. Investors loves to invest in gold and sell there gold online. As it comes under commodity, rate of gold changes on everyday basis. If you want to sell your gold online, check today gold rate using the link given below:


check your gold value


Procedure to Sell Gold

To sell gold online to Benaka Gold Company, you have to follow very easy procedure. You will experience a very fast and convenient procedure while selling your gold online to Benaka Gold Company.  you don’t have to go anywhere. Benaka Gold run a special program in which they buy gold by coming at your door steps. All you have to do is to call us:

benaka gold company contact number

Our executive will contact you soon and will take all the required documents for selling gold online.

Document that are required to sell gold online at Benaka Gold are:

  • You have to send your Aadhar Card soft copy.
  • If you don’t have Aadhar Card, you can send your pan card or Voter I’d card details.
  • Current address proof(Rent agreement or Gas connection Bill)
  • If you have parament address, send Electricity Bill or Tax paid receipt.
**As you know gold prices changed every minute, even delay for one day can cost you a huge amount.

sell gold online

After submission of the document and completion of the verification process you are free from all the formality to sell gold online.

Benaka Gold executives who have more than 10 years of experience in online gold buying will come to your home and buy your gold. They will come with all the machine required for checking gold purity and weight. After checking the purity and weight, they will offer you the best price in the market that you can accept or decline.

Once you are satisfied with the offer, you can sell your gold online and get instant cash. for your gold.

Many customers are curious to know about there approximate gold rate. First thing that you should understand, without checking your gold in machine(Benaka Gold use XRF technology machine to check purity of gold), no one can tell you the exact price to sell your gold online.

To get an idea, how much you can get by selling your gold online, you can use the link below:


check current gold rate


You can also visit your nearest Benaka Gold branch to sell your gold. We follow very simple, safe and transparent procedure to buy your gold.

  • Come with all the document that are mentioned above.
  • Bring your gold that you wanted to sell. We will check the purity of the gold without touching your gold using XRF technology.
  • After all the verification, you will get an offer according to the purity and weight of the gold.

You can get the money in any medium, either you can choose RTGS or cash or any other mode of payment.

Check your nearest Benaka Gold Branch to visit or call Benaka Gold Company to sell gold online.


benaka gold contact number

Release Your Pledged Gold

Under a special program running by Benaka Gold Company, it is helping customers in releasing their pledged gold so that they can sell that gold online and get maximum profit.

Procedure you need to follow to sell your pledged gold online:
  • Contact Benaka Gold at the number given above.
  • Send all the details related to your pledged gold.
  • After verifying all the documents, an experienced executive will visit the gold loan company with you where your gold is pledged.
  • If you have pledged your gold to any jewelry shop or any individual, no need to worry. Benaka Gold will help you in releasing from that place too.
  • Executive from Benaka Gold will pay the loan amount on your behalf and release your gold.
  • After releasing Benaka Gold will offer you an amount to sell your pledged gold. If you accept, they will give you the rest amount instantly.
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