How to sell gold?

Once you have gold to sell. Question will start arising:

How to sell gold?

What are the danger to avoid?

How to reach best place to sell gold for hassle free process?

BENAKA GOLD COMPANY is the answer for all of your query.

Benaka Gold is the only company in India which provides space to sell your gold in safe and transparent manner. You can sell your gold exactly or close to spot price.

Spot price is the price of the gold at live market rate.

You can sell not only old  Gold jewelry but also gold bullion. Benaka Gold buy gold items in any amount, whether you have gold in grams or kilos.

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How to sell Gold Jewelry?

Usually people use to ask how to sell gold jewelry? Gold jewelry are usually in 22 karat, 18 karat, 14 karat and 10 karat. You can sell gold jewelry at Benaka Gold and get instant cash according to the purity.

After an easy documentation work, we will check your gold purity using XRF technology imported from Germany. In this process we wont touch the gold. so there is no chance of damage to your gold jewelry.

After the purity check you will get an offer according to your gold purity. Benaka Gold buy gold at live market rate.

How to sell Scrap Gold?

As Indian culture is blend with gold jewelry. People have so many scrap gold items that they no longer use and all they can do is to melt them and recycle them.

If you will ask how to sell scrap gold? No one will suggest you to visit jewelry shop or pawn shop. As these shops are work in very less volume, they won’t provide you good return.

If you want a good return, always visit to online gold buyer company like Benaka Gold Company. Only Benaka Gold can give you return at spot price.

How to sell Broken Gold?

If you have any broken gold, it has no place rather than to sell it. And as I said jewelry shops and pawn shop are not the place to sell your broken gold. If you will visit them to sell your broken gold they will offer you lesser then scrap gold.

Visit your nearest Benaka Gold branch to sell your broken gold. Benaka Gold will pay you exact price according to your gold purity. Either gold is broken or not, it is still gold. Any honest gold buyer must give the exact amount according to purity.

How to sell Bullion Gold?

Before you know how to sell bullion gold one thing that can come in your mind that what is bullion gold?
Bullion gold contents basically two thing:-
  1. Gold coins
  2. Gold bar/biscuits

Bullion gold must have at least 99.5% purity. Many people buys bullion gold for investment purpose. Once the gold price rise sell there bullion gold and make profit.

If you have bullion gold then this is the best time to book some profit. Visit your nearest Benaka Gold Company branch or call Benaka Gold to sell Your bullion gold.

how to sell gold

Benaka Gold provides special service to its customers who are not able to visit its office. One of the experienced executive will visit your home and buy your gold after testing its purity.

All the process, whether it is purity check or weight will be done at your door step only. After this process our executive will give you the money instantly. We can get your money is any form. Either in cash or RTGS or NEFT or Check.

How to sell Silver?

Sliver is one more important commodity that people buy in the form of jewelry and bullion silver. Benaka Gold not only buys gold but silver too. You can visit or call Benaka Gold to sell your silver items at live market rate.

Benaka Gold values you and your valuables.

How to value your Gold?

Before selling your gold a question can come in your mind that how to evaluate your gold?

To be honest, it is almost impossible for you to evaluate your exact current gold value from home. As you do not have the technology to evaluate. But you can check a near by value for reference using the below link.

How to sell gold

For exact evaluation you have to visit the nearest Benaka Gold branch. There our executive will use XRF technology to evaluate your gold item according to purity.

As pandemic has hit our country, it is bit difficult for some people to use public transport. In that case Benaka Gold provide a special service in which one of the experienced executive of Benaka Gold will reach your door step for all the process.

He or She will check your gold purity at your door step and give you instant price for your gold. You can ask any mode of payment

With a commitment to provide the best services to our customers, our brand has grown and spread widely. Benaka Gold Company is the best place for you to sell your old jewelry as we know the real value of your asset. We value you & your Valuables.

Why Are We Best Gold Buyers In India?

That’s right, we are best gold buyer in India providing you ability to sell your gold at best rate.
Leading Top Gold Buyer in India:-

We buy your gold at current market rate.

100% fair and precise gold buying.

Safe and hassle-free procedure.

If you are unable to visit the branch, we will bring the branch at your door.

There is no limit on selling the gold.

You don’t have to wait for the branch to open.

Submit your details our Executive Will Contact you soon:-

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