Sell your old Gold jewelry:

 Are you looking to sell your gold for cash? Are you looking to make some extra money by selling your old gold jewelry? I can help you giving best option to sell your gold in any form of whether it is old gold, scrap gold, Bullion gold or pledged gold.

Sometimes we are badly in need of money and want instant cash. Best way to get instant cash is by selling your old gold jewelry items or bullion if you have.


How to sell gold for cash

If you are selling your gold, there are many things you need to look into. Some most important things are to consider while selling old gold are:

1.Right time to sell your gold:

If you look into the trend of gold price, you can see, whenever share market goes down gold price of gold increases. As share market these days going down gold price is high. This is one of the best time to sell your gold.

When gold price is not high you can afford to wait. Once market goes up you can sell your old gold jewelry, scrap gold or bullion gold.

2.Don’t afraid to negotiate:

Whether you are selling your gold to pawn shops, jewelry shops or Online gold buyers, price is always negotiable. If you believe that the money they are offering for your old gold jewelry is not up to the mark then there is no harm in a amiable negotiation. you can ask more price for your gold. There is an ample possibility that you will get better price what you were getting offered first time.

3.Choose the best Gold buyer for the type of gold item you have

Always try to choose best gold buyer near you according to the gold items you are selling. like, if you are looking to sell old gold jewelry, gold coin, scrap gold, gold bullion and if you have any pledged gold. Choose Benaka Gold Company to sell.

4.Check the current value of your gold:

Use gold calculator to calculate your gold current value: Link

                                gold rate calculator                                   

When you compare it from 2013 gold price then you will see gold price is at all time high. If you have any old gold, scrap gold or bullion gold then this is the best time to sell your gold for cash.  

How Gold price works:

Market calculate gold price as per gold weight. It can be in gram, ounce or kilo. Like today gold rate(30/07/2021) per gram is 4860, per ounce it is 137781 and per kilo 4860000 rupees for 24 karat gold. Gold is a precious metal and rate of gold is changes on everyday basis. Whenever you want to sell your gold, always check your gold rate using the link given above. That calculator will give you the accurate current value of your gold according to the purity of your gold.

Pure 24 karat gold looks sharp yellow and it is too soft to make any jewelry. You can buy 24karat gold in gold coin and bullion gold form for investment purpose. Gold coins and gold bars are come under bullion gold.

Usually 22karat, 18karat, 14karat and 10karat gold are used to make gold jewelry. As these are not the purest form it doesn’t means that you can not sell your gold with this purity. You will get cash for your gold according to the purity.

Why You Won’t Get cash for your gold according to Spot Price: 

First thing that must have come in your mind is, What is Spot Price? 

It is the price at which your commodity can be sell. It varies with time. But the most important question is why you wont get price for your gold according to spot price. 

This is quite pragmatic to understand that every business have there own expenses. like wise, Online Gold buyers also have their expenses and of course they have to cover up. The amount you will loose compare to the spot price is depend on the type of gold you are selling and the buyer you have choosed. Type of gold means, if you have gold jewelry then you will get less price as compare to if you sell bullion gold. As there is less or no processing cost required for bullion gold, gold buyers give more cash for your gold. 

Always choose best gold buyer who ask for less commission. As I can suggest Benaka Gold Company is one of the best gold buyer in India. Still you can always negotiate on the commission that gold buying companies add while buying your gold jewelry. 

Where to sell Gold:

1.Pawn Shop:

                  Pawn shops are place where you can sell your old gold items. Pawns shops always works on idea of making more profit by fooling common people. Even they work in very low volume so it is even difficult for them to give you the actual price for your gold jewelry.

2.Jewelry Shop:

                   Jewelry shop are also work on the same principle. They are more interested in buying good looking jewelry as they can sell it and make more money from it. 

3.Online Gold Buyers:

                         If you have old gold, scrap gold or bullion gold in any amount then the best place to sell them is Online Gold Buyer. Online Gold Buyers are the only option where you can get maximum price for your gold. In this digital world, people are literate enough to understand the concept of online gold buying. 

Process of Gold selling:

                         Process depends on gold buyer you choose but you must bring your Identity proof and document of the jewelry along with your gold jewelry. Gold buying company will check all the documents and once they find all the document are up to the mark. They will ask for your jewelry to check its purity. After checking your gold purity they will offer you the selling price for your gold that you can accept or decline.

Best Gold buying Company:

                         Benaka Gold Company is the pioneer Gold Buyers in Pan India, headquartered at Bangalore. It has many branches across India associated with experienced staff member. Benaka Gold provides the best place to sell your Gold in India. You can sell your gold in any form whether it is in gold coin, gold jewelry, bullion gold or scrap gold. They assured you the best price for your gold jewelry and give you instant cash for your gold.

                              benaka gold contact number   

Many people got trap in gold loan company and use to ask, How to release pledged gold. Benaka Gold provides one more service for pledged gold. If you have taken loan by pledging your gold and got trap, Benaka Gold helps you getting that gold back by paying the loan amount on your behalf. 

Benaka Gold is the only place where you can sell your gold at live market price. You even get home service for selling your gold items. Benaka Gold uses Hi-Tech XRF analysis German technology to check your gold purity without even touching it. They wont charge you for purity check. 

There is a independence day offer going on in Benaka Gold Company. We are giving up to 100% cash back value for 100 lucky customers. Visit us once and us according to our services.

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