How to release pledged Gold in Shivamogga Karnataka

release your pledged Gold

Get a helping hand to release your pledged gold in Shivamogga Karnataka

are you looking to release your pledged gold from any company or jewelers in Shivamogga?

In India, People use to pledge their Gold to gold loan company to fulfil their instant cash requirement and they got trapped. After taking loan they have to pay loan interest on time and once they realize they can’t pay interest amount, they start looking for solutions to release their pledged gold.

Gold loan companies give only 70% for your gold value amount as a loan. As they know maximum people will not pay their loan amount and later they can make more profit by auctioning their gold.

Place to Pledge your Gold(pawn shop):

These are the shops where you can pledge your gold and get instant cash if you are in any serious need. They are very small shop and have no authenticity and credibility, they use to pledge gold at very high rate of interest. Even there is a possibility that they can manipulate your gold. Many people pledge their gold at jewelry shops also but they they also gave more or less same price.

There are many companies like Muthoot Finance gold loan, Manappuram gold loan, IIFL Finance gold loan, HDFC Bank gold loan who provide gold loan. All these companies work on high interest rate modal. If you return the gold loan amount they will make money through high interest rate or if not, they will sell your pledged gold.

By selling pledged gold, they get maximum profit. Customers lose their pledged gold and not get actual value for their gold. They provide only 65 to 70% cash value of your gold.

How to release pledged gold:

People use to ask a common question. How to release pledged gold? And the answer is BENAKA GOLD COMPANYBENAKA GOLD COMPANY is a leading online gold buyer company in India. It has branches all across India. You can visit to your Shivamogga Karnataka  branch and sell your goldBenaka Gold holds all the certification including SSL certificate.

People many times unable to pay the interest amount of the pledged gold and they lose their gold ornaments. Benaka Gold Company provides the solution for release for the pledged gold. Many people got trapped by pledging their gold to NBFC, they have no information how to get out of that trap. Our Company i.e.  Benaka Gold Company provides the solution for release for the pledged gold


release your pledged gold



Release your gold by following some simple steps:

Step 1. Submit all the documents related to your pledged gold. This is to get the information about the gold purity and the amount that is left to pay gold loan company.

Step 2. Once we verify all the document as per the process. Our executive will call you and visit the bank or financier with you where your gold has been pledged.

Step 3. We will pay the gold loan amount and release your pledged gold for you.

Step 4. If you want to sell that pledged gold, then you just need to submit that jewelry at our branch. Our gold evaluators who have more than 20 years of experience will conduct the most transparent and authentic valuation. Benaka Gold use German technology to conduct the valuation of your gold without even touching your gold.

Step 5. After the valuation process ends, we will offer you the price on the basis of gold purity at live market price. The price will be offered for your pledged gold after deducting the amount paid by us at the time  the gold releasing process.

Step 6. Customers are free to decide whether they want to sell at the offered price or not. Pledged gold buying process done in a safe and transparent environment.

Step 7. Once you agree on the offered price for your pledged gold, We will buy your pledged gold and give you the offered amount instantly. You can get the offered amount through any medium you choose. like RTGS Cash etc.

Benaka Gold Bumper Offer:

On Independence Day BENAKA GOLD COMPANY is giving special offer on selling of Pledged Gold, Old Gold, or Bullion Gold till 15th of August. They are offering Up to 100% cash price for your Pledged Gold. Benaka Gold buys pledged gold at live market prices and give instant cash.


Release your pledged gold
Many people are loosing their gold by pledging their gold at gold loan company. Release your pledged gold. Call Benaka Gold Company

The release gold process conducted with the assurance of a hundred percent safety and transparency. Customer satisfaction is the central point of our service. They are informed about each and every step that will take place during the process.

So if you have any query regarding our Pledged gold releasing service then feel free to contact BENAKA GOLD COMPANY for any kind of assistance. The staff is always available to solve your queries. You can visit one of our company’s branch located at Shivamogga, Karnataka.

release your pledged gold

So if you are looking for the best company to release your pledged gold, Benaka Gold Company is one of the best gold buyer companies in Shivamogga and across India which can help you in releasing pledged gold.

We have a good professional team who will help you to give information related to the our documentation process. Our team will directly interact with any financial institutions and pawnbrokers to release your pledged gold. Our main motto is to provide high-quality services to our customers and fulfill their needs. We follow a transparent method for releasing your pledged gold.

Of course, you have a question in your mind,

why to choose Benaka gold company?

There are many reasons to choose us:

Benaka Gold Company is only trusted company with 4.9 star Google Review.

It has all the certification including SSL certificate.

You can get Branch office near you.

Benaka Gold provide Home service for your pledged gold or any type of gold sell.

We use Hi-Tech XRF analysis German technology to check gold purity without touching your gold.

We gave instant cash for your pledged gold at live market price. we help every customer to release their pledged gold by making them aware of all the information related to pledged gold.

Submit your details & our executive will contact you soon:

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