Are you looking for Best Gold Buyer Near You?

Finding the best gold buyer near you is not as difficult as you think?  

if you are planning to sell gold near you to the best gold buyer near you then this piece of information could be beneficial for you. No need to fret. I am here to help you.

Gold is giving good return in pandemic as it is at all time high. It is rising every day. Sell your to gold buyers near you to get instant cash.

Many people have lost confidence in share market and investing in gold, silver and diamond. It is one of the important reason because of that gold price is rising. It is giving a life time opportunity to the person who wanted to sell his/her Gold to any gold buyer near them.

Many people sell their gold to pawn shops and jewelry shops near them as they are known to our society. But the question is are they better place to sell your gold? This is an important question and the answer is no, they are not. These shops don’t give you instant cash at live market price. To get a better price you have to visit many shops and compare the price. Still you will not get the price that you can get by selling your jewelry at Online Gold Buyer company.

Gold material that people commonly sell

Gold Coins

Many people have old gold coins that they have collected it year. People buy gold coin in festival or to gift someone. Once they realize they have many gold coins and no use keeping them at home. They start looking for best gold buyer near them. Sometimes people get gold coin luckily while cleaning out an attic or safe and look for gold buyer near them.

Gold coins are one of the most common items you sell to Gold buyers. We sell one gram gold coin to gold buyer near to us that we use to by on festivals. Some people sell gold coins printed with different occasion or gods to Gold buyers near us. 

We sell silver coin as well, to gold buyer near us. Benaka Gold Company is leading gold buyer in India and has many branches across India. visit to your nearest branch all sell your gold coins.

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Scrap Gold

First thing that you will ask. What is scrap gold?

Scrap gold is any old or unwanted item that contains gold. It include watches, broken necklaces and bracelets, rings, earrings, and gold scrap and all most anything that contain gold. When you reach to Gold buyer near you or even any where, they will separate the gold from that item and pay you according to your gold purity. Benaka Gold buys all type of gold including gold coins, scrap gold and broken gold.

Broken Gold

Some gold buyers manipulate people and pay less for their broken gold. At Benaka Gold Company value of your materials is dependent only on the purity of broken gold and the weight of the gold.

Gold Watches

If you are looking for gold buyer near you to sell your unused or broken gold watch then call or visit Benaka Gold Company to get maximum cash for your gold watch.


Do you have old diamond Bracelet, diamond Ring, Necklace, Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring and looking for a buyer near you?

Cash for Gold program at Benaka Gold Company will pay you for both the gold and the diamond. Our experienced team will separate the gold and diamonds individually and pay based on the value of the gold and diamonds.

How do I know about your gold value?

You can estimate the value of your gold by measuring weight of the material and purity of the gold. Once you reach gold buyer near you they will help you in checking the value of your gold. 


check your current gold rate

Check gold purity according to the karat:

  • 24K – 99.9%
  • 22K – 91.7%
  • 18K – 75%
  • 14K – 58.3%
  • 10K – 41.7%



There are some misconceptions in people about cash for gold industry. While selling gold, One of the common misconception is that one will receive the exact price for one’s gold jewelry that he has paid while buying that gold. You need to understand that jewelers spend some money in form of Labor or Making Charge etc.

Same type of misconception comes in mind when people reach to gold buyer near them to sell their gold watch. If your watch is made up of 14 karat or 18 karat gold and it weight is 5 ounces that does not necessarily mean that the watch is made up of 5 ounces of 14K or 18K gold. Watches are consists of many components that add to the weight but it is not necessary that all of the components are made up of gold.

Things to consider while selling your Gold to Gold Buyer near you

Today there are many Online buyers available near you who are ready to buy your gold but to find best gold buyer near you, you need to understand few things. They must hold SSL certificate for their company website to buy your gold. Best online gold buyers near you always use good quality machine to check your gold purity that will help you calculate the best price for your jewelry. They also provide gold selling service at your door step and provide instant cash after buying your gold.

Where to sell Your gold near you

BENAKA GOLD COMPANY is the best online Gold, Silver and Diamond buyer through out India. It holds all the certificates that are required for a gold buying company. Benaka Gold Company is only company that provide maximum instant cash for your gold.

  • We buy Gold, Silver & Platinum jewellery and bars.
  • Any colour gold, including Saudi, Indian and Arabic.
  • 9K, 14K, 18K, 21K, 22K & 24K.
  • Coins, medals, jewelry, new or broken gold items.
  • Instant CASH for gold payment guaranteed.
  • Highest prices for your gold.
  • Testing on the spot with the latest XRF technology.
  • Melting and Assaying service available.


benaka gold contact number

Benaka Gold helps in releasing your pledged gold from any gold loan company or jewelers or any other person to whom you have pledged your gold.

Special Offer:

Benaka Gold is giving a bumper offer for Ganesh Chaturthi. We are giving up to 100% cash back value for 100 lucky customers.

sell gold for cash in Bangalore

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